After completing her studies at the University of Notre Dame, Joyce Owens studied architecture in Great Britain and Italy before starting a globally recognized London practice which was named one of the 13 Top Emerging Architectural Practices in UK  by Architectural Review – April 2002.  Since returning to the United States in 2004, her goal is to share her modern, creative and functional approach to design. In addition to the numerous awards for design in Europe, she also received, a local 2006 AIA “Excellence in Architecture Award” for Canterbury School High School (at the Ft Myers firm she had joined). In 2007, she opened her own practice, architecturejoyceowens llc; dedicated to cutting edge, environmentally sound design. The firm’s project list remains international with projects in London, Italy, and throughout the US.

Closely working with the client, architecture joyceowens llc provides creative and functional buildings & spaces that are sympathetic to their site & the needs of the client, always conscious of the environment. Common to designs are the use of natural light & a relationship with the outdoors; breezes, orientation & landscaping.

Her passion for good design extends to the historical & modern architecture of the Florida. Currently, the architectural columnist for the Ft Myers News-Press, she shares insight and expertise on Florida architecture in her monthly column “Architect About Town”.

Joyce Owens is an active member of the community; a board member of the Local AIA Chapter and AIA FLorida, a trustee of the Florida Foundation for Architecture, a member of the Horizon Council, and the committee leader of her son’s Boy Scout troop.

She is past president(2010) of the local chapter of the American Institute of Architects.


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